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Far Cry 5 - Exploring Hope County

Far Cry 5 - Exploring Hope County


With the return of Ubisoft's open-world shooter series looming, we sat down for an extended look at the Far Cry take on Montana.

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris


"It's the absolute minimum in terms of content, with a short campaign, two maps for multiplayer, and a handful of new weapons."

Far Cry 5 - Exploring Hope County Wrapping up Life is Strange: Before the Storm Predator joins Ghost Recon: Wildlands tomorrow Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Monster Hunter: World - Hands-On Impressions Rumour: Bad Company 3 could be the next Battlefield Watch the eCopa Final on Friday, featuring 2 world champions
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Past Cure

Past Cure

Written by Sam Bishop the 6th of December 2017 at 16

A thriller with a lot of different strands, but can it bring them all together?

60 Parsecs! Hands-On Impressions

60 Parsecs! Hands-On Impressions

Written by Marco Vrolijk the 11th of October 2017 at 14

The follow up to the darkly comedic 60 Seconds! comes with an increased focus on character and story.


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Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris5

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris

Written by Kim Orremark the 13th of December 2017 at 13

"It's the absolute minimum in terms of content, with a short campaign, two maps for multiplayer, and a handful of new weapons."

Worms WMD (Switch)8

Worms WMD (Switch)

Written by Kieran Harris the 11th of December 2017 at 16

"There are some drawbacks from playing in handheld mode, but Worms WMD is still a ton of fun."

Doom VFR6

Doom VFR

Written by Ricardo C. Esteves the 7th of December 2017 at 12

"It is definitely worth considering, but VFR is far from being mandatory, unlike the original before it."

The Surge - A Walk in the Park8

The Surge - A Walk in the Park

Written by Kieran Harris the 5th of December 2017 at 16

"It delivers a ton of new weapons and implants, some memorable boss fights, and even works to smooth out the late game grind."

Cat Quest7

Cat Quest

Written by Suzanne Berget the 3rd of December 2017 at 08

"It's a fun and charming game, with a pleasant soundtrack, interesting lore, and so many cat-related puns you can't help but chuckle."

Oh My Godheads5

Oh My Godheads

Written by Suzanne Berget the 30th of November 2017 at 09

"It has an exciting premise that we really liked, as well as some charming visuals, but in the end that just wasn't enough."

Black Mirror5

Black Mirror

Written by Claus Larsen the 28th of November 2017 at 16

"Together the audio and visuals will make you feel alone and unsafe, making it feel as if there's danger lurking in every corner."

Ginger: Beyond the Crystal5

Ginger: Beyond the Crystal

Written by Sam Bishop the 27th of November 2017 at 16

"Overall Ginger: Beyond the Crystal was a rather forgettable experience that featured many existing 3D platformer ideas but they didn't come wrapped up in their own identity."

Hidden Agenda7

Hidden Agenda

Written by Bengt Lemne the 24th of November 2017 at 14

"It's a less complex Heavy Rain if you will, that borrows from dark detective stories like David Fincher's Seven or something like the original Speed."

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 27

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

Written by Graham Bellars the 15th of November 2017 at 12

"Each level is well built, filled to the brim with breakable objects, Minikits to find, puzzles to solve, and of course enemies to defeat."

Star Wars Battlefront II8

Star Wars Battlefront II

Written by Mike Holmes the 13th of November 2017 at 23

"It never gets boring watching Yoda rip through enemy lines with his lightning-quick lightsaber (as long as he's on your side, of course)."


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The Cult of Far Cry 5

The Cult of Far Cry 5

Written by Sam Bishop the 1st of November 2017 at 16

We talked to some of the key developers behind Far Cry 5 and found out just what went into making the game's cult and its leaders.


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FIFA 18 - eCopa Denmark Finals 2017

FIFA 18 - eCopa Denmark Finals 2017

Today's stream was very special as we hosted the finals in eCopa, inviting the four best FIFA players in Denmark into our studio to crown this years Danish eCopa champion.

MercurySteam - Rafael Martínez Interview

MercurySteam - Rafael Martínez Interview

Rafa was at Gamelab Montevideo to give a talk about video game production, and in this interview we talk about all the aspects involved in this often not so clear -but essential- role.

Destiny 2 - Crucible PvP PC Gameplay

Destiny 2 - Crucible PvP PC Gameplay

Juan keeps adventuring along his Guardian on an OMEN 880 Gaming PC. Here's the 60 fps capture of a 144 fps, full-HD session at the Crucible (Control, Supremacy and Clash).

Trojan Chicken - Juan Pablo 'PEX' Pisón Interview

Trojan Chicken - Juan Pablo 'PEX' Pisón Interview

Trojan Chicken's Juan Pablo 'PEX' Pisón is one of the most recognizable faces within the Uruguayan industry, and in Gamelab he talked us through Plan Ceibal students programme and about creating games for kids and education.

Overwatch - Jeff Kaplan Interview

Overwatch - Jeff Kaplan Interview

We sat down with Avant Garde Fun & Serious Honor Award, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan, to learn more about Moira character, BlizzardWorld map and Winter Wonderland event, and also to talk about Overwatch League, skins, lore and much more.

Phantom Doctrine - Paweł Kroenke Interview

Phantom Doctrine - Paweł Kroenke Interview

We recently got some hands-on time with alternative history game Phantom Doctrine in London, and during our time there we also got to talk with narrative designer Paweł Kroenke about what players can expect.

Destiny 2 - Video Review

Destiny 2 - Video Review

The highly-anticipated sequel Destiny 2 was released this year, being one of the biggest releases this autumn, and we've reviewed it in video form for you right here.

BiP Media - Sophie-Anne Bled Interview

BiP Media - Sophie-Anne Bled Interview

At Gamelab Montevideo we talked extensively with BiP Media's Sophie-Anne Bled about serious games, "applied games" for improving learning skills and casual games such as My Farm, and you can watch the full thing right here.


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Past Cure

by ActionJackson

0 Cheers for that, ile be keeping me peepers on this one (caut ...


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Doom VFR

The demon invasion on Mars continues, now in virtual reality.

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    8. Star Wars Battlefront II

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    10. Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

    Multi  |  Sports  |  15 September 2016

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  3. 3. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

    PC/PS4  |  Fighting  |  16 January 2018
  4. 4. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory

    PS Vita/PS4  |  RPG  |  19 January 2018
  5. 5. Lost Sphear

    Multi  |  RPG  |  23 January 2018
  6. 6. The Inpatient

    PS4  |  23 January 2018
  7. 7. Railway Empire

    Multi  |  Simulation  |  26 January 2018
  8. 8. Dragon Ball FighterZ

    Multi  |  Fighting  |  26 January 2018
  9. 9. Monster Hunter: World

    Multi  |  Action  |  26 January 2018
  10. 10. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

    PS4  |  Fighting  |  30 January 2018
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Jon Calvin Jon Calvin:

Fingers crossed those MvC 4 rumours are true.

Faintprince Faintprince:

getting ready to play l4d2 on steam.

reefmad reefmad:

cooking my kids tea be4 fallout 4 session later

Darhk Darhk:

Finally starting Bloodborne

The1stNoel The1stNoel:

playing more of the division beta but definitely going back to xcom iron-man mode. video will be up soon

Mike JezZ Mike JezZ:

What do you mean by you miss SW Battlefront?


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