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Toys-to-Death: The End of the Line

Toys-to-Death: The End of the Line


Over the years hundreds of millions of toys have been sold, but it seems the toys-to-life era has come to an end. At least for now.

Toys-to-Death: The End of the Line Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES - Review FIFA 18 - Gamereactor's FIFA Ultimate Team (#1) Super Meat Boy Forever official and heading to all platforms SNES Classic Mini 30 Game Wishlist Yo-Kai Watch 2: Fleshy Souls Games to Look For - November 2016
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Skylanders Superchargers

Skylanders Superchargers

Written by Katrine Baumgardt the 9th of September 2015 at 14

We travelled out to Vicarious Visions to learn what else other than the inclusion of vehicles that sets Superchargers apart from its predecessors.

Skylanders Superchargers

Skylanders Superchargers

Written by Jonathan Sørensen the 3rd of June 2015 at 13

Skylanders turned racer? We report on the franchise taking the skies, seas and racetracks in the newest - and biggest - change to the series yet.

Skylanders Swap Force

Skylanders Swap Force

Written by Mike Holmes the 12th of June 2013 at 10

As my son creeps closer to the age where he'll be able to grip a controller (instead of chewing the rubber off the analogue sticks) I'm taking a keener interest in games that we'll be able to play together.

Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity

Written by Gillen McAllister the 15th of January 2013 at 20

Disney unleashes Infinity! We get an exclusive closer look at the toy range / video game hybrid, and find out the story behind one of the biggest gaming casts ever.

Skylanders Giants

Skylanders Giants

Written by David Caballero the 4th of September 2012 at 15

"It's an important brand for Activision - the game's Gamescom business booth dwarfed even Black Ops and Star Wars."

WWE 13

WWE 13

Written by Jonas Mäki the 23rd of August 2012 at 17

"An early conclusion: WWE 13 has the potential to become this generation's best wrestling game."

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

Written by David Moschini the 24th of July 2012 at 13

"Not a great performance from the long-running series in this build...we're hoping for vast improvements next time we're on the pitch with PES 13."

FIFA 13: Hands On

FIFA 13: Hands On

Written by Mike Holmes the 30th of May 2012 at 09

"In a nutshell: Going forward in FIFA 13 is more exciting than ever before."



Written by Mike Holmes the 15th of May 2012 at 11

FIFA 13 is all about balancing the established with the new, as much as it is about attack and defend.

The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man

Written by Lorenzo Mosna the 14th of March 2012 at 11

"Do we finally see a Spider-Man version of Arkham City? No. But that's a 'no' full of positive elements."

Skyward Sword: the first three hours

Skyward Sword: the first three hours

Written by David Caballero | Gamereactor Spain the 11th of October 2011 at 17

"It's perhaps a self-referential nod to the franchise's twisted and confused timeline. If so, it's a clever, and knowing, wink between Nintendo and its fans that'll delight."

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7

Written by Lorenzo Mosna the 12th of September 2011 at 12

"We wanted to introduce some details that only the most careful readers of the books could notice. So we created a game inspired by both films and novels," the studio explains.


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FIFA 158


Written by Mike Holmes the 24th of September 2014 at 17

"FIFA 15 is a good game, make no mistake, it's just not a great game; it looks like we're going to have to wait at least another year for that."

Lego Lord of the Rings8

Lego Lord of the Rings

Written by Thomas Blichfeldt the 5th of December 2012 at 14

"This latest Lego adventure has certainly soaked itself in the RPG genre traditions."

WWE 137

WWE 13

Written by Thomas Blichfeldt the 2nd of November 2012 at 11

"New changes were ushered in last year, and perhaps this is the reason why WWE 13 seems like a game that is still in development."

Skylanders Giants7

Skylanders Giants

Written by Thomas Blichfeldt the 23rd of October 2012 at 13

Spyro and his Skylanders friends are joined by Giants this time around, but is the adventure as fun as the first time around?

NBA 2K139

NBA 2K13

Written by Gregor Assfalg the 5th of October 2012 at 10

"My opponents are killing me. They intercept my passes, steal my ball, catch every rebound. This is annihilation - but beautiful to look at."

FIFA 139


Written by Jonas Damholt the 26th of September 2012 at 13

"It is a near-impossible task for EA to satisfy all FIFA fans, but they should certainly be commended for making a wholehearted attempt."

Pro Evolution Soccer 20138

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

Written by Mike Holmes the 18th of September 2012 at 10

"It's a very good game. A return to form for the series then, even if it doesn't go on to win the league."

The Amazing Spider-Man6

The Amazing Spider-Man

Written by Gillen McAllister the 29th of June 2012 at 09

That this is a movie tie-in is one of the better in recent history is thanks to two studios: Beenox and Rocksteady.

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes8

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Written by Thomas Blichfeldt the 22nd of June 2012 at 08

"It's got the improved level design, better puzzles, and the wonderful co-operative gameplay we've come to expect..."

FIFA 12: UEFA Euro 20127

FIFA 12: UEFA Euro 2012

Written by Mike Holmes the 24th of April 2012 at 16

"There are bound to be multiplayer games aplenty. However, after the tournament finishes this may not be the case."

Pandora's Tower8

Pandora's Tower

Written by Martin Eiser the 13th of April 2012 at 11

"Fun challenges and solutions that make Pandora's Tower feel more like an action-adventure game than pure RPG."

Mario Party 98

Mario Party 9

Written by David Caballero the 2nd of March 2012 at 14

Mario Party 9 is faster, prettier and more innovative than its predecessors. Put on a hat and bring out the drinks!

The Last Story9

The Last Story

Written by Martin Eiser the 24th of February 2012 at 12

"There are places where the limitations of the Wii are clear to see, and it's a shame given the beautiful design."


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Everything But Mario: Charles Martinet Speaks

Everything But Mario: Charles Martinet Speaks

Written by Gillen McAllister the 12th of September 2013 at 12

The man who's voiced Nintendo's icon for the past two decades discusses his love of travelling, good food and personal philosophy - and his work with a certain plumber.

Greatest Video Game Music: Interview

Greatest Video Game Music: Interview

Written by Gillen McAllister the 15th of November 2012 at 10

We talk to Andrew Skeet, composer and arranger of the second Greatest Video Game Music album, about the project.

Road to Gamescom 2012

Road to Gamescom 2012

Written by Bengt Lemne the 10th of August 2012 at 15

Gamescom is a celebration of gaming culture, and it's represents a week were truly all aspects of gaming come together.

Top 7 Gaming Intros

Top 7 Gaming Intros

Written by Gillen McAllister the 22nd of July 2012 at 13

A celebration of those game intro movies that pumped the blood, dropped our jaws and amazed us before a single button had even been pressed.

Weekender: Prestigious rewards

Weekender: Prestigious rewards

Written by Mike Holmes the 28th of April 2012 at 14

"We live, we die, we live again, we die again. It's a never ending grind, yet still we push on, always seeking to better ourselves."


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Trojan Chicken - Juan Pablo 'PEX' Pisón Interview

Trojan Chicken - Juan Pablo 'PEX' Pisón Interview

Trojan Chicken's Juan Pablo 'PEX' Pisón is one of the most recognizable faces within the Uruguayan industry, and in Gamelab he talked us through Plan Ceibal students programme and about creating games for kids and education.

BiP Media - Sophie-Anne Bled Interview

BiP Media - Sophie-Anne Bled Interview

At Gamelab Montevideo we talked extensively with BiP Media's Sophie-Anne Bled about serious games, "applied games" for improving learning skills and casual games such as My Farm, and you can watch the full thing right here.

SteelSeries - Johnny Skov Interview

SteelSeries - Johnny Skov Interview

During our time at DreamHack Winter we took at look at the SteelSeries booth, and SteelSeries' Johnny Skov was on hand to talk us through some of the products on show.

Razer - Thomas Nielsen Interview

Razer - Thomas Nielsen Interview

It wasn't all about esports at DreamHack Winter, as during the event we also talked with Razer Nordic's PR specialist Thomas Nielsen about what's going on at the event.


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0 Cheers for that, ile be keeping me peepers on this one (caut ...


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    6. Skylanders Giants

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    7. FIFA 13

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  8. 8. Angry Birds Star Wars

    Multi  |  Puzzle  |  08 November 2012
  9. Score 8/10

    9. FIFA 12

    Multi  |  Sports  |  29 September 2011
  10. 10. Call of Duty 3

    Multi  |  Action  |  08 December 2006

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Jon Calvin Jon Calvin:

Fingers crossed those MvC 4 rumours are true.

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getting ready to play l4d2 on steam.

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cooking my kids tea be4 fallout 4 session later

Darhk Darhk:

Finally starting Bloodborne

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playing more of the division beta but definitely going back to xcom iron-man mode. video will be up soon

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What do you mean by you miss SW Battlefront?


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FIFA 15 Multi

EA Sports has lined up their next shot at the title.

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